Gregory Carvajal

Oh my god I just received mine and they honestly sound so much better than my beats solo and they sound as good if not better than my sol republics these are definitely going to become my daily use headphones!!!! I fell in love with them as soon as my music started playing!!!

Benjamin Hakmian

I received my set and here is my feedback 
1) Packaging: Grade 9 out of 10 – lots of attention was given to the design and it shows, easy to open and every accessory is visible 
2) installation & Setup: Grade 10 out of 10 – Once opening the packaging everything is visually self explanatory you do not need to read any instructions,i found the correct size earbuds immediately understood to download the Roam EQ App, Charge the unit, turn it on and sync 
3) Comfort: Grade 8 out of 10 – it takes getting use to after minor fitting adjustments i got use to the concept, running and working out with a great fitted buds is a luxury 
4) Sound: Grade 10 out of 10 – the sound quality is insane, tested on various applications as using it on mobile calling and wifi calling, again the sound quality was that good not bringing to confederation the Roam Eq app addition.

Natasja Badillo

Just received my Ropes USA today. The sound is insane! Haven’t tried working out with them yet or even adjusting with the app. These are the best earphones I’ve ever had thus far.

Alan Herrick

Received mine today and I am very pleased. When it comes to audio I am a very very picky individual and these made the grade. This is the first pair of earbuds I have ever experienced that are worthy and the control of the sound through the app was great – I will admit to being skeptical at first with just 5 bands of EQ but damn fine job all around. Congratulations! I am likely ordering more for friends and family now.

Logan Wilke

I don’t even know where to start. These things pack by far the best sound out of any earbuds I’ve had, and knock the socks off a vast majority of headphones. I’m truly stunned at how sharp and crystal clear every genre is! Easily my best project backed on kickstarter. The EQ does some amazing things to the music!

Kody Stinson

It’s like Christmas time in August! Received my ropes today and they are BADASS! The sound is so nice and crisp and has a nice thump to them! Very very user friendly also. They came with a charge so I put those bad boys in and took a jog around the block with them, and to be honest I could not even feel the amp on my chest. 
I am an audiophile and these perform way better than I expected. I could not be happier with backing this project and I hope you become a $100 million donor Steve, I’m pulling for you.

Kelsey Cruz

I absolutely love my new earphones! The sound is like nothing I have heard before. There are no words that could describe what I hear through them. Steven, you are a music genius!

Chris Martin

Just got them yesterday and love them! Best headphones I’ve gotten so far for audiophiles that work out a lot.


Just received my headphones today. WOW! sounds incredible.

Howard Russell

Steve, I’m blown away. Ropes are a dream come true. I’ve searched for it seems forever for a portable listening device that has true sound and thanks to you and your team I’ve found them. I received mine and it was better than Christmas. After a quick charge I wanted to see if they were as claimed and they were better than expected. I check out buds or phones listen to classical music. I figure if I can hear the individual instruments then they are good. Well, let me tell you Ropes are not only good they are great. I could hear the faint sound of a weak flute to the roar of a rumbling bass drum. It was better than being at a live concert. Ropes beat any and all phones I’ve ever used and I have used a bunch. I have different earbuds laying around everywhere. I own earbuds from ones that cost hundred to cheap ones. I’m giving them all away and using my truly amazing Ropes. I’m in love, I want to thank you and your team for devoting you time and life to bringing me, us, a amazing product. I am more than please with everything I received from the shipping box and accessories, to my beloved Rope earphones. When I die I want to take my Ropes with me so God can hear the true sound these produce. Steve, you are the man. Thank you again,HR

Jack Weinberg

Just wanted to say I got my ROPES! The only thing I can say is WOW you know what you’re doing. I’ve never experienced earphones like this before. The amount of customization is unfathomable for earphones with the ROAM EQ. The sound is pure bliss entering my ears. Comfort levels are off the charts, I’ve been wearing them for 4 hours now and no complaints. The red, white and blue style is definitely a great look on any outfits and I’ll be showing them off. I’m excited to use them for my everyday life. I’ll be telling my family and friends about them. 5 stars.
Sincerely, Jack Weinberg

Jeremy Newton

I received my Roam earphones a week ago and they’re absolutely amazing. The best I’ve ever had or heard. Thank you incredibly much. Can’t wait to tell everyone about them.

Sebastian Martinez Morales

I’m in love with them. The sound and materials quality it’s awesome!

Brian Phillips

The headphones have arrived in Norway. I am so happy with them that I have given my BOSE sound reduction cable headphones to my daughter. Even my son was impressed with them and he is a SHURE junkie. He has however banned me from having the “box” outside my shirt so that is now tucked inside my shirt! I am slightly disappointed with the Bluetooth range, I had hoped that I could walk from room to room without my iPhone but this is not possible. The colours are great, the sound reduction without having in built reduction is superb. The EQ is nice and being able to create your own settings is a nice touch on the app. I do not like the plastic, it feels a little cheap but that is a minor point. I also do not like the click on the volume button and would have preferred a softer click. Overall a superb product that I am in love with from day 1!!! This is how a Kickstarter project should work. Thanks Steven! I look forward to future products. All the best from Norway!

Tim Deremo

Mine arrived today!! Sound incredible!! I haven’t even started tweaking them yet! Wish they were waterproof…I’d wear them in the shower! Lol Great job guys!

Nelsen Toledo

I have gotten the ROPES today and I am telling you that it has been one of the best if not the best bluetooth sound. I am blown away. I am so going to try it in many many locations and send a good review.

John Zinck

Unbelievable sound! As an audiophile, I was hopeful when I ordered these that they would give me the depth I was looking for. They do not disappoint, and frankly have far exceeded my expectations. By far the best headphones of any kind that I have ever owned. They allow you to immerse yourself in what you’re listening to and the added EQ boosts the experience to unimaginable levels. I received them three days ago and haven’t stopped listening to my favourite music…I haven’t even tried out the different earbud attachments yet, which I’m sure will only enhance the sound further. Amazing product, and an amazing story behind their creation.