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Friday, September 9, 2016

Howard Russell

Steve, I’m blown away. Ropes are a dream come true. I’ve searched for it seems forever for a portable listening device that has true sound and thanks to you and your team I’ve found them. I received mine and it was better than Christmas. After a quick charge I wanted to see if they were as claimed and they were better than expected. I check out buds or phones listen to classical music. I figure if I can hear the individual instruments then they are good. Well, let me tell you Ropes are not only good they are great. I could hear the faint sound of a weak flute to the roar of a rumbling bass drum. It was better than being at a live concert. Ropes beat any and all phones I’ve ever used and I have used a bunch. I have different earbuds laying around everywhere. I own earbuds from ones that cost hundred to cheap ones. I’m giving them all away and using my truly amazing Ropes. I’m in love, I want to thank you and your team for devoting you time and life to bringing me, us, a amazing product. I am more than please with everything I received from the shipping box and accessories, to my beloved Rope earphones. When I die I want to take my Ropes with me so God can hear the true sound these produce. Steve, you are the man. Thank you again,HR

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