The device won’t pair

Make sure you are in pair mode by double pressing the Bluetooth button. You’ll see the blue indicator will be flashing rapidly. Access the Bluetooth settings screen on your smartphone to pair your device and follow the directions on how to pair Bluetooth devices from your host device.

There is no music coming in

Your device must be paired with your smartphone in order to receive audio. Make sure you’ve successfully paired in your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings.

I can listen to music but the EQ isn’t connected

Open the ROAM EQ app on your smartphone. Click on the connect button with the O symbol at the top right-hand corner. Once the connect screen opens up, click the button next to the name of your device to connect. A blue check will appear indicating you are connected. Once you return to the EQ screen, you’ll see the connect button change to solid blue indicating a connection.

The eartips are loose or fall out of my ear

Be sure to adjust the cables on your ROPES Wireless system to allow for freedom of movement. You can gently pull the cables. If the cables are adjusted such that they are too short, normal movement will tend to dislodge the earphones from your ears. Additionally, ROPES Wireless earphones are designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes and may also be adjusted depending on what you are wearing and if you are wearing your device on the outside of your shirt / jacket. Check your quick start guide on instructions to increase and decrease the height of the cables.

I can’t connect after renaming the device

After renaming your ROPES, the unit will power off. You must go into your phone’s Bluetooth settings, click on the previous name of you ROPES and forget this device. Lastly, you must go through the initial pairing process to pair with the new name.

I only hear music from one side

It’s possible you may have slid the balance level of your ROPES Wireless. Connect through the ROAM EQ app and access the advanced section of the app to reset the balance.

My Bluetooth connection is unstable / has signal dropout

Your ROPES Wireless system is designed to be worn while carrying or in close proximity to your mobile device, tablet or computer. Bluetooth is designed to provide data transmission over short distances while consuming very little power. In ideal situations, the range may exceed 10 meters (30 feet). However, the range is significantly affected by the position of the broadcast device (e.g. your mobile phone or tablet) and your ROPES Wireless system. For instance, while wearing your ROPES Wireless system, the distance that you can be separated from your smartphone or notebook will be different if you are facing toward or away from the broadcast device.

Large metallic objects such as computers or tablets with metal cases may also significantly limit the range of a Bluetooth signal. For example, if you have your ROPES Wireless system paired to your smartphone and then place the phone in a handbag or backpack which also contains a tablet or notebook computer with a metal shell, the range may be dramatically reduced when the tablet or computer is between the smartphone and your ROPES wireless system. The easy solution is to simply make sure that your smartphone is nearby and not blocked by any larger serious pieces of metal.

Coexistence with high power wireless networks is one area where Bluetooth may struggle. High power wireless networks can be found in airports and public venues such as shopping malls. As Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have to coexist, the absolute power of a high power Wi-Fi router may at times create signal disruption (“signal drop”) with Bluetooth devices. The solution is simple- minimizing the distance between your smartphone and the ROPES Wireless system will usually solve the problem.

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