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Music is the art of sound.  It inspires us, brings us together and defines our lives.  And while music is universal, no two people hear music exactly the same.  We value the art of music and the rare talent that it takes to create it and we have a great respect for how it should be heard.  Music stirs our soul. This is why we created ROAM.

ROAM allows you to connect with the music of your life, like never before.  ROAM ROPES are advanced, Bluetooth-enabled earphones that feature personalized audio equalization options, freeing you from a “one sound fits all” listening experience.

Stylishly designed to be worn around your neck, ROPES free you from bulky headphones and messy, tangled-up earbuds.  With the Bluetooth connection, we untether you from your mobile device for a safer, smarter way to immerse yourself in your music.

We are committed to making a difference and to making your on-the-go music experience the best in the world, wherever and however you ROAM.

We Set Sound Free – ROAMwith Us.

Steven Lamar is our founder.

Steven is the co-creator of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.  He has been a passionate innovator in the audio industry for more than a decade.  Deeply impacted by the tragedy of losing his late-wife to brain cancer, Steven founded ROAM to blend his expertise in audio with a desire to make mobile devices safer to use.

Fueled by a dedication to the art of sound and a reverence for the artists who create it, Steven has created a unique way of giving people a new and enhanced power to listen to music the way they want, in a smart, wearable, Bluetooth-enabled audio earphone – ROPES.

ROAM is a proud supporter of Stand Up To Cancer.


Steven LamarFounder / CEO



ROPES ® are light, sexy, powerful and comfortable.  They are the world's first fully-integrated, wireless, wearable earphones with a companion amplifier and audio personalization app.

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ROAM has partnered with Atari to create a fresh, fun and creative audio experience for gamers and music lovers alike!  

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ROAM has partnered with Stand Up To Cancer®, a cause that is very close to our hearts, to create the Special Edition Orange ROPES.

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