Progressive Design

Listening to music is as much about being seen as it is what you are hearing.

ROAM products combine unique visual architecture, smart functionality, high value materials and sophisticated branding.

ROAM's iconic, functional designs look as good as they sound.


Designed to Wear

Stop fumbling through your pockets and bags and unraveling wires simply to listen to your music or take a phone call.

ROPEs wearable design fits easily and seamlessly into anyone’s daily routine.

ROAM products are there when you need them and look great when you don’t.



ROAM has brought the energy, emotion and excitement of sound back to headphone and earphone users.

ROAM has integrated its proprietary EQ Engine (amplification, digital signal processing, equalization) with the performance and versatility of balanced armature earphone drivers to create an extraordinary listening experience.

The ROAM EQ Engine will make your listening experience comfortable and familiar, empowering you to hear the music the way you want.

Feel the sound as if you were there in person.



Experience precision sound and personalize it to your listening preference.

Manage the sound dynamics directly in your ROAM earphones with ROAM EQ. Load the ROAM EQ application onto your mobile device and transform your audio experience. Adjust the ROAM EQ settings, save them and share them with friends. You can also select from the ROAM EQ audio pre-sets (Jazz, Rock, Classical, Hip hop, Country, etc.) that have been pre-loaded for your convenience.

The adjustable 5 band equalizer (bass, treble and mids), DSP and 3D sound enveloping will reignite your energy, emotion and passion for sound.


Experience ROAM

ROAM has integrated ergonomics, design, audio fidelity and personalization into the first ever wearable earphone - ROPES.

ROPES are light, strong, durable and comfortable. Their power, amplification, digital signal processing (DSP), and Noise Equalization deliver precision sound that can be personalized to your listening preference through an elegant mobile application – ROAM EQ.



  • ROAM™ Acoustic Engine
  • Noise Equalization
  • User Adjustable DSP and 5 Band EQ

What You Get

  • ROAM™ Acoustic Engine
  • 3-Button Mic+Music Control
  • Bluetooth with Full Device Control
  • Analog Input with Direct Audio Sharing
  • 6 Hour Battery Life – Always Off Capability
  • Rugged Construction
  • Software Upgradable through Micro-USB
  • Wearable Carrying Case
  • One Year Warranty