What are ROPES USA?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What are ROPES USA?

ROPES USA are the ONLY Bluetooth earphones on the market with a built-in amplifier and advanced EQ engine- the ROAM EQ. They give unprecedented control over the entire listening experience. You can fully customize the sound of your music and hear it the way it was meant to be heard.

When creating Beats by Dr. Dre headphones I wanted our customers to experience music the way the artist intended through an iconic headphone design. We nailed the design, but the sound wasn’t for everyone. I realized it was time for a new evolution in sound.

I created ROPES USA around a simple premise to Set Sound Free – freedom for inferior audio, freedom from a “one sound fits all” listening experience, freedom from tangled wires and bulky headphones and from being tethered to your mobile device.

ROPES USA earphones are a bold new approach to an age-old problem. I don’t want to put my cell phone to my head and my earphones are never there when I need them. When they are, they are a tangled mess, they sound horrible and they hurt my ears.


1. Do you have an example of how everything works?

Kudos to Becky Creighton at Modern Gladiator Magazine who wrote a great description of how they work:

“What makes Roam Ropes different than all of the other headphones out there? The design, plain and simple. There are other Bluetooth headphones but none come with an equalizer and an app to enhance the type of music you are listening to with genre-specific presets already loaded on the app. The cool thing is if you want more or less of a specific setting, you can control that on your own too—kinda the best of both worlds.

I listened to a lot of different music when testing these; of course, hip hop, classical, country, and pop. I turned on some jazz too because I love Diana Krall. I listened to each genre along with the associated presets and I listened to the genres with different presets. Gotta be honest, I didn’t think I’d be able to tell a difference, but I could. Some presets made a bigger difference than others…but how cool is it that I have the option to do that?!”

Check out Becky’s full review at Modern Gladiator

2. What’s the purpose of that pendant hanging around your neck?

The pendant (we call it the EQ Engine) is where all the magic happens. It houses an amplifier, audio equalizer, Bluetooth and battery that sends the amplified audio signal to the ultra high end, dynamic, balanced armature earphone drivers. The combination of the amplifier, EQ processing and earphone drivers is what reproduces the exceptional audio you hear through ROPES earphones. It’s also the communication interface for the companion ROAM EQ audio personalization app.

For you techies, the pendant houses a powerful 28-bit, 50-MIPS processor and ultra-low noise, high-performance 24-bit stereo DAC. The amplified signal-to-noise ratio is an exceptional 98dB. Sensitivity is incredible at 105dB @ 1k. Audio distortion is non-existent.

3. Does the pendant store music?

This first generation does not store your music in the pendant (EQ Engine).

4. Why all the wires?

The wires are necessary to transmit the high power audio signal from the amplifier to the earphone drivers. Without wires, there would not be a way to transmit such a clean, powerful audio signal.

5. What’s the battery life?

The battery will last 6 hours on full tilt. It will last 7-8 with intermittent use throughout the day.

However, there is a “Sleep Mode” setting in the ROAM EQ app that enables you to put the device to sleep when you’re not using it. You can choose for it to sleep after 2, 5, 10, 20 and 30 minutes. The lower the sleep level you choose (for example 2 minutes), the longer the battery will last. At 2 minutes, we’ve gotten 24+ hours of battery life. With sleep mode enabled, you will notice a 3 second delay when re-starting a song or taking a phone call.

6. What are dynamic, balanced armature earphone drivers?

This is the hardware in the ear capsule that is creating the sound. Instead of a single driver producing the sound, we’ve incorporate two drivers – one dedicated to the reproducing the lower end (the bass) of the audio and other dedicated to reproducing the middle and high end (mid’s and treble) of the audio.

The 10mm direct radiating base driver delivers audio performance from 4Khz – 20Khz, while the balance armature driver delivers mid- and high-range frequencies from 4Khz to as high as you can hear.

7. How do I personalize my sound?

Simply download the ROAM EQ app to you mobile device and sync it to your pendant (EQ Engine). From there, you can easily adjust the sound through the app. With the ROAM EQ app, you also get some brilliant presets – each one custom-created and crafted for a different genre of music. It’s similar to the technology we’ve had in our homes and our cars for several years – but ROAM is the first to bring this level of audio customization to the earphone space. So you can hear your music, your way, wherever you are. Whenever you want it.

These aren’t your standard earphone presets. These are carefully, creatively custom-crafted settings that allow you to match your music with your moods. And change the way you experience your music. From song to song. From artist to artist. From album to album. And beyond.

8. Does this work for phone calls, too?

Yes, ROPES work perfectly for taking phone calls. On the microphone there are buttons for Up/Down Volume and a center button to Start/Stop a call.

9. Can I use it when the battery dies?

Yes. There is a cable adapter (micro USB to analog) included with your ROPES that connects to the base of the pendant (EQ Engine). With this cable you can use you ROPES in passive mode (without the amplifier, EQ and Bluetooth) by plugging them into the analog port in more mobile device.

10. Can I use them on an airplane?

Yes. The same cable adapter (micro USA to analog) in #7 above plugs into most airline analog ports.

11. Are ROPES waterproof?

No, ROPES not waterproof, but they are sweat resistant. Honestly, they were not designed for working out, more for all day, every day, casual use when listening to music or talking on the phone.

12. Do they have noise cancelation?

No, however the noise isolation in this product is fantastic. It’s so good that we scrapped our plans to include noise cancellation, because we felt it wasn’t necessary and the audio quality without the noise cancellation is far superior.


When Can I Order?


ROPES USA are only available through Kickstarter until August 18, 2016.



1. How much do they cost?

Retail will be $199, which is an incredible value for a high end set of earphones with a built-in amplifier and EQ engine. Amplifiers alone can cost over $100.

2. How much is the EARLY BIRD?

Early Birds will be first come first serve. A limited quantity (400) will go for $119, then another round for $129, and then a few more Later Early Bird options for $149+.

3. What’s included?

The full package includes the ROPES USA earphones, 4 pairs of ear tips, 4 pairs of optional secondary ear tip horns (for a more secure fit), 1 micro USB to USB charging cable, 1 micro USB to analog cable, a carrying case and a sticker.

4. When will the app be available?

The app is available now for both iOS and Android. It can be found by searching “ROAM EQ”.

5. When will they ship?

The first 400 Super Early Birds and 1,000 Early Birds will receive their ROPES USA the week of August 22, 2016. We will fulfill the balance of the orders in late August, September and October, depending on how soon you order.

6. What languages will be supported?

We are first introducing North America languages this summer (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese), however additional languages will be available very soon after, including Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

7. Where else can I purchase these?

ROPES USA earphones will only be available through Kickstarter until August 18, 2016.


Beta Testers

We will invite a select group of the early bird supporters to become beta testers for our upcoming products. More information will be released soon.


We are a private tech company and are not currently taking investment at this time. We will update our website with investor relations information at the appropriate time.


We are not currently looking for distribution partnerships at this time.


Press & Media Inquiries

For press inquiries and product review requests, please contact ROAM


Our Story

ROAM was created to reproduce sound that's true to the artist's intention.  Change the way you experience the music, content and people you love.  ROAMwith ROPES Earphones.

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