This is why we ROAM!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This is why we ROAM!

I think it’s time to share the purpose behind creating ROPES. I’ve stayed away from shining any light on this part of the story, but the more people I tell, the more I hear them saying to me, “why aren’t you saying this publicly? You need to be telling people this. It’s important for people to know that someone in the industry is concerned with cell phones and a possible link to causing cancer.”

You know this is one of the core reasons for me creating ROAM – I wanted to create a functional, practical alternative to putting your cell phone to your head. Here’s an abbreviated version of my story.

In late November 2012, my smart, active, stunningly beautiful wife Jennifer was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma (brain cancer). She was 42 and had been complaining of headaches and fatigue for only 2-3 months. She was a successful salesperson 21 years in the telecom, audio and military sectors. She was on her cell phone constantly, pressed snugly to her head so she could hear and communicate with whoever was on the other line. The cancer was directly behind her right ear (already as large as a grapefruit) when we found it. After 4 brain surgeries we lost Jennifer, mother to then 15 year old Madison and our 18th month old Max on August 11, 2013. When she died you can’t image the range of emotions I went through, but the experience of her death brought a compelling question to my mind – legacy. Jen’s legacy, although she didn’t give it a thought, was her inner beauty, compassion and love for others. She always said that in any conversation you have with others, be sure to leave them whole. She always did that! So I asked myself, what will my legacy be?

I decided to do two things, which I started in October 2013. The first would be to create audio products (because I had some experience doing so in creating Beats by Dr. Dre headphones) that made it easier for us to keep our cell phones away from our heads.  I found headphones to be too bulky for all day, everyday use, and I found earphones to be a tethered, tangled mess…and they hurt my ears and sounded terrible.  So I set out to solve these problems through a new audio company I would create in her memory – ROAM.  The next thing I did was reach back out to the CEO of Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), Sung Poblete, who had been incredibly helpful and supportive during Jennifer’s fight with cancer.  I said I wanted to give back and someday become her largest donor. I decided to create a special SU2C orange branded product to donate $100/unit from those sales to SU2C.  My goal was (and remains) to sell 1 million SU2C units and donate $100 million to SU2C to help fight this horrible disease. This will be my legacy.  I want to make something good happen from something unimaginably horrible.  So ROAM with us.  Help us spread the word.  I can’t tell you definitively if excessive cell phone use caused Jennifer’s brain cancer, but I do know that I don’t want my friends, family and loved ones taking that chance, and I want those of you I don’t know yet to hear my story.  GET YOUR CELL PHONE AWAY FROM YOUR HEAD!  This is why we ROAM.


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