What Music Means to Marks Stephens

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Monday, October 24, 2016

What Music Means to Marks Stephens

Marks Stephens, a 22-year old filmmaker from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, started out a skeptic. When he saw ROAM’s technical specs and sound quality claims, he contacted CEO Steven Lamar and asked him to prove it. Steven sent him a pair of ROPES to review, and the rest is history. Marks was so blown away by the audio quality that he offered to make a video about our new GameON earphones.

Read below to learn more about Marks and the inspiration behind his video.

I’m from Murfreesboro, just south of Nashville. I actually never went to school past high school, and everything I know about film is self-taught. At a very young age, I started making small animations and songs on my computer. I was always into film, but for most of my life audio production was my main gig, simply because finding film gigs is VERY difficult in my area. As time went on I started dedicating more and more time to personal film projects, such as YouTube and music videos. None of them were profitable, but it allowed me to practice my craft.

ROAM really speaks to me. I’m an obsessive audio geek who will rant all day about the importance of lossless audio files and a good amp. ROAM does exactly what I wish more companies did. Instead of focusing on making an expensive fashion statement, they focus on making excellent sound quality affordable. They play to the very essence of what I believe in, and can help bring more people into the hi-fi market with their great pricing.

Everything you see in the commercial I did without a crew. Writing, storyboarding, directing, lighting, audio, shooting, color grading, editing, set design and construction. Everyone featured in the video are all close friends, with the main character and narrator being Bobby Newman (who is also a singer for a local band known as The Verge).

The whole video was shot in Murfreesboro. The weather, scenery, and overall pace of the city were perfect for the message I wanted to convey. The narrative I wrote for the video is word for word how I feel about music. When I’m listening to music, songs can take me back to other times of my life.

Murfreesboro is a city full of my memories, both good and bad. It’s that feeling of being in your hometown or visiting the place you grew up. It’s hearing a song that reminds you of high school and summer breaks. It’s these experiences that make us who we are. As our library of music grows, and we age, we can look back through this catalog of memories to see how we’ve grown and changed, as well as the challenges we’ve overcome.

My whole life I’ve worked dead end jobs, even now as I’m typing this from my parked car. I’ve been preparing for years for this opportunity. I know I’m meant for this as a career, and ROAM has brought me one step closer to that dream by giving me the chance to make this video about something I’m truly passionate about: film, and setting sound free.

Thank you, Marks, for your beautiful vision. And thanks to Pete Yorn for lending an epic soundtrack to Marks’ story. #SetSoundFree

Are you as inspired as we are? We want to know what music means to all of you! We would love for you to share with us your original pictures, songs, films, etc., showing the world why music matters to you! Connect with us on Twitter @ROAMwith, Instagram, and Facebook.

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