Get Your Cell Phone Away From Your Head!

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Get Your Cell Phone Away From Your Head!

In late November 2012, Steven Lamar’s beautiful and vibrant wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma (brain cancer).

She was 42 and had been complaining of headaches and fatigue for 2-3 months. As a successful sales person, she was on her cell phone constantly, pressed snugly to her head so she could hear whoever was on the line. The cancer was directly behind her right ear and the size of a grapefruit when they found it.

After 4 brain surgeries, Jennifer lost her life on August 11, 2013, leaving behind two children, Madison and Max.

While we can’t be certain if cell phone use caused Jennifer’s cancer, we can’t rule it out. Though the research is still in progress, it’s alarming enough that Steven wants to help everyone to minimize the risk. This is what you need to know.

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Probably, But It’s Complicated.

According to Scientific American®, the degree of risk almost certainly depends on the length and strength of exposure. Here’s what they have to say:

“The National Toxicology Program (NTP) just concluded a massive 2-year study investigating the potential health hazards of cellphone use on rats and mice… This study found that cellphone exposure increases the incidence of malignant gliomas of the brain, i.e., brain cancer (in rats). The increases were small…but since these are rare tumors, the findings are still significant. What make these studies even more significant are the findings of similar tumors in humans”.

So Should I Be Worried? Yes.

Back to Scientific American:

“In our opinion, the exposure to RF-EMF caused the tumors seen in the male rats in the NTP study. With the positive case-control studies seen in humans and a similar positive finding in a well-conducted laboratory study in rats, the evidence that call phones can cause cancer has strengthened”.

Since the studies about the impact on our health are still in progress, no one can be 100% certain about the long-term safety of cell phone use. At ROAM, we feel it’s better to take precautions now to eliminate any risk. Here’s what to do about it:

Tip #1 – Get Your Phone Away From Your Head!

Do that by using a headset or earphones, all of the time, every time. While you’re at it, take your phone out of your pocket and/or out of your bra.

Tip #2 – Get Some Distance!

Luckily, the geniuses at Scientific American did the math for us: “Exposure decreases as an inverse function of distance from the head to the second power. This means that if you double the distance between your head and the phone, exposure is four times less”.

Tip #3 – Make It Easy On Yourself

By hanging unobtrusively around your neck, ROPES don’t get tangled, and you can completely avoid the dreaded “I can’t find my earbuds” moment. Plus, they sound amazing. When your phone rings, pop your earbuds in and you’re good to go. Rock them all day. Rock them every day. Keep your phone away from your head. It’s simple. #ROAMwithoutRISK

Tip #4 – Support The People Trying To Help

The amazing people at STAND UP TO CANCER® are working hard every day to eradicate cancer by funding additional research. Steven is committed to helping them. In memory of his late wife, he will donate $100 for every pair of orange ROPES sold. His goal is to sell 1,000,000 orange ROPES to donate $100,000,000.

We’d be honored if you could help support SU2C by buying orange ROPES at

Please, #ROAMwithoutRISK.

Spread the word. It’s a simple thing to do, and your life could depend on it.

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